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frequently asked questions


Q) Is there an entrance fee to access the venue?
A) No.

Q) How/where can I register?
A) Registration can be done at the reception counters. Registration is mandatory for all individuals accessing the venue and forms must be complete and submitted to the reception staff in order to obtain a wristband to access the facility.

Q) I have a complimentary voucher. Where can I redeem it?
A) Vouchers can be redeemed at the registration counter against its value for a particular game.

Q) What sort of clothing is acceptable on the pitches?
A) Visitors are encouraged to dress modestly and appropriately while at the venue.

Q) I need assistance with a particular issue. Who can I contact?
A) There will be an onsite Duty Manager and multiple Supervisors at all times for assistance. There are also dedicated staff members that are assigned to each zone.

Q) Where are the washrooms located?
A) There are washrooms located inside the venue as well as on the main concourse.

Q) Do you have changing rooms?
A) Yes, there are changing rooms at the venue.

Q) Do you have shower rooms?
A) Yes, there are shower rooms provided at the venue.

Q) Do the shower rooms have towels, soap and toiletries?
A) No. Guests should bring in their own towel and toiletries.

Q) Are there locker rooms to store personal belongings?
A) No.

Q) Is there a play area for children not using the facilities?
A) No, there is no play area provided. But, we encourage parents to bring their kids as there are multiple activities for children.

Q) Is there a swimming pool?
A) No.

Q) Are there billiards/snooker tables at the venue?
A) No, there will no billiards/snooker at the venue this year.

Q) Am I allowed to bring a guest?
A) Yes. We encourage all guests to bring friends and families, just please ensure they also register at reception.

Q) Can I take photos inside the venue?
A) It is encouraged that visitors bring their cameras/video recording equipment to the venue. Photography or video recording services can also be provided upon request at a reasonable charge. Please contact a DSW team member for more information.

Q) Can I watch the games, as a spectator?
A) Yes.

Q) Are there any tournaments I can participate in?
A) There are several tournaments throughout the event and details can be found on our event calendar

Q) Which academies/summer camps are partnered with DSW?
A) Click here to view a full list of our Academies

Q) Can I rent sports equipment?
A) Sports Equipment is free of charge, but you will need to deposit your ID in exchange of equipment. We have the following equipment available:

  • Tennis rackets and balls
  • Badminton rackets and shuttlecocks
  • Footballs
  • Basketballs
  • Volleyballs
  • Skateboards and helmets
In case of lost or damaged equipment, a reasonable amount will be charged to the user for the value of equipment.


Q) Is there an age limit to using the facilities at the venue?
A) No, there is no age limit. Everyone is welcome.

Q) Is Parking available?
A) Yes, Paid Parking is available at the multi-storey car park behind Sheikh Rashid Hall at a discounted rate of AED 5 for the first and second hours and then AED 10 per hour beyond that. Free out door parking is also available within walking distance of the venue.

Q) Is there a prayer area inside the venue?
A) Yes, this is located near the 7-a-side football pitches.

Q) Is there a smoking area inside the venue?
A) No, there is strictly no smoking inside the venue.

Q) How do I contact DSW to make general enquires or to give feedback?
A) You can call the DSW team on +971 43064000 or email them on

Court/Pitch Bookings:

Q) How do I book a court/pitch?
A) The court/pitch can be booked online, through the online booking system, over the phone by calling the DSW number at +971 4 306 4600 or at the venue itself. Bookings need to be paid for in advance to guarantee court/pitch time.

Q) How much does it cost to book a court/pitch?
A) The rates vary for each sport and can be found under each sport listing on this website.

Q) I don’t want to use my booking, can I get a refund?
A) No, there will be no refunds issued. You can transfer your booking to another person or to another time.

Q) I couldn’t make it in time for my booking, can I get a refund?
A) No.

Q) If I use only half of the time of my allocated hour, can I get a refund for the other half?
A) No.

Q) Can I transfer my booking to someone else?
A) Yes, provided that we are informed 48 hours before court/pitch booking time.

Q) Can I change my booking and choose a different pitch?
A) Yes, as long as it is for the same sport/pitch and pending availability

Food and Drink:

Q) Is there a place inside the venue where I can purchase food/drink?
A) Yes, there are several food and beverage outlets at the venue. Click here for a full list.

Emergency Medical Services:

Q) Do you have an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) team at the venue?
A) Yes. The EMS team is available on call from 6.00am – 3.00am and will also be available on-site during competitions and tournaments. There is first-aid kit available at the registration counter or seek assistance from a DSW team member. Click here for more information.


Q) Is there security/surveillance throughout the venue?
A) Yes. The venue is monitored by CCTV. Security personnel will be available at the entry and exit points of the venue. For any security related assistance, please call +971 4 306 4600.

Q) Is there a lost and found section?
A) Yes. The Lost and Found section is in a secured area. You can come to the Registration counter next Sheikh Saeed Hall 1 to claim any lost items. Any lost items outside the DSW venue can be reported to the lost and found office located above Hall 8.



Q) What are the Ramadan timings for Dubai Sports World?
A) 8am-1am during Ramadan,

Q) Is it acceptable to drink water inside the Dubai Sports World venue during Ramadan?
A) Yes, but please be respectful towards those fasting.

Q) Is there a designated area to eat inside the venue during Ramadan?
A) Yes.

Q) Can I purchase food/drink from inside the venue during Ramadan?
A) Yes, Zoom café and minimart will be open and selling refreshments during Ramadan hours.

Q) Will there be options for Iftar at the venue?
A) Yes. Dubai World Trade Centre will have its annual Ramadan Majlis for the entire holy month.


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