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About Us

About Us

If you’re passionate about sports, then this is where you belong. For two and a half months, Dubai Sports World packs the globe’s favourite sports into the emirate’s largest, indoor summer sports venue. Spanning more than 25,000 m² of air conditioned space, Dubai Sports World will host numerous academies and sports enthusiasts of all ages, covering a range of activities, fitness programmes and events - all summer long.

Whether you’re a recreational athlete, a professional or a spectator, you can connect with your sport in the way you like best. Rent a court or pitch and get your friends and colleagues together for a friendly match. Join a leading sports academy and brush up on your sporting skills. Or bring your club and test your competitors in the ultimate showdown. Whether you’d like to get fit, play for fun or play to win, Dubai Sports World caters to every level of skill and devotion.

Dubai Sports World is organised by Dubai World Trade Centre in association with Dubai Sports Council.​​​​​


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